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NAPFA Nation Podcast

Welcome to the NAPFA Nation podcast! This monthly podcast brings you inspiring conversations and key insights from leaders in the Fee-Only financial planning profession. Join Marie Swift, Founder and CEO of Impact Communications, as she interviews a variety of NAPFA members and professionals.

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Nov 7, 2022

In Episode #31 of Mindset Mastery, "Choose Wisely: How Mindfulness and Attentive Listening Can Help You Make Better Decisions," host Marie Swift speaks with author, poet, and teacher Gary J. Boelhower, PhD. As Professor Emeritus at The College of St. Scholastica, he continues to teach health humanities; healthcare ethics; living, dying and grieving; and leadership and wholeness. In this episode of Mindset Mastery, he tells us how to become grounded when we are afraid, when to use open-ended questions and inquisitiveness to reduce polarization, and what the most critical skill is if you want to make live a more meaningful life filled with authentic leadership.

In a nutshell: Stress can kill our ability to cope. Being fully present for ourselves and for others is the key to staying attentive, focused, and deeply aware. The 3 Dimensions of Awareness – focus, context, and self – come into play and can reduce the fractured feeling we experience in this digital, disrupted world. Appreciative inquiry (exploring the positive with a spark of curiosity) is the way to get more of what we want in life. And while we are approaching yearend, Thanksgiving, and the holidays, it is important to remember that an attitude of gratitude can and should be a yearlong mental practice.

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