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NAPFA Nation Podcast

Welcome to the NAPFA Nation podcast! This monthly podcast brings you inspiring conversations and key insights from leaders in the Fee-Only financial planning profession. Join Marie Swift, Founder and CEO of Impact Communications, as she interviews a variety of NAPFA members and professionals.

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May 9, 2023

In Episode #05 of NAPFA Nation – livestreamed from the big podcast stage at the 2023 Morningstar Investment Conference in ChicagoTara Unverzagt, CFP®, of South Bay Financial Partners tells us how she became fee-only financial planner, and why she decided to develop new access points for people who dread facing, or worse, are stressed and worried about financial decisions. Unverzagt has been working in financial planning, investment advice, and tax preparation for over 20 years. She specializes in multigenerational financial planning which includes raising a family, having a successful retirement, generation wealth transfer, and financial coaching for younger generations. But over the years she saw that there need to be more options to help people from all income and asset levels master the intimidating world of money, simplify confusing financial decisions, and manage expenses.

Unverzagt shares:

  • How and why she built an exclusive community of financial planners, financial therapists, accountants, students, parents, business owners, and others via an affordable solution that helps people live amazing, purpose-filled and financially stable lives 
  • The differences between financial coaching, financial therapy, and financial planning   
  • 6 behaviors that if strengthened lead to better wealth accumulation     
  • How certain money beliefs can work for us – or hold us back
  • Ways technology can aid humans seeking to improve the decision-making process

Key points: While we all need to be saving for a rainy day and investing for the future, it’s the day-to-day choices that will make or break us. Integrating financial therapy into financial planning helps people learn to relax and move forward in the most productive way. Listing her prices for the various services and programs offered at her firm shows potential clients that she is interested in helping them make better financial decisions – and a good first step is for them to know how much they are paying for the one-time service and/or ongoing interaction and support they need. Understanding how the brain is wired helps us see why people make the decisions they do. Intentional spending is possible with the right information, education, and mindset.

Special Note: In 2023, we rebranded the NAPFA podcast with a new album cover and series title: NAPFA Nation. We are shifting our monthly episodes to bring you inspiring conversations and key insights from leaders in the Fee-Only financial planning profession. Marie Swift, Founder and CEO of Impact Communications, will continue on as host, interviewing a variety of NAPFA members and professionals. You will still be able to find on this channel the 32 Mindset Mastery episodes with respected fiduciary financial planners and allied advocates who are committed to accomplishing great things as they master their own mindset and continue to serve their clients in the best ways possible.